School Security

You are invited to attend our upcoming Regional School Security Workshops on school security later this month. PSFA is gathering information on school security from projects and practices in New Mexico, other states, and at a national level. PSFA has been surveying and touring school districts around New Mexico and talking with district staff to understand several key security issues:

  • What are the security concerns for districts around the state? Remote, rural districts? Urban districts?
  • What are districts doing to address their security concerns?
  • What additional security measures are relevant and feasible to districts in NM?


A brief outline for the presentation of each April workshop:

  1. PSFA will start the meeting summarizing what we have learned to date, what the Adequacy Standards currently cover in relation to security; time duration will be approximately one hour.
  2. Panel discussion – panel members will include local or state law enforcement, New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority, Public Education Department, Local and or State Fire Marshal; time duration will be approximately one hour.
  3. Open discussion; time duration will be approximately one hour


View or download the Security Workshop Map below