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PSFA Acronyms List

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AOR Architect of Record
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineering
ASI Architect's Supplemental Instructions
BSAR Building Systems Analysis Report
CES Cooperative Educational Services
CID Construction Industries Division
CIMS Construction Information Management System
CMAR Construction Manager at Risk
CO Change Order, or Certificate of Occupancy
CPO Chief Procurement Officer
DCP Deficiencies Correction Program
DD Design Development
DISTRICT School Districts, Local or State-Chartered Charter Schools
DP Design Professional
DR District Representative
DWS New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
Ed Spec Educational Specifications
EMNRD Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
EMP Energy Management Program
FAD Facility Assessment Database
FCI Facility Condition Index
FIMS Facility Information Management System
FMAR Facility Maintenance Assessment Report
FMP Facilities Master Plan
FMP/Ed Specs Facilities Master Plan/Educational Specifications
GC General Contractor
GIS Geographic Information System
GMP Guaranteed Maximum Price
GRT Gross Receipts Tax
HB House Bill
HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
IFB Invitation for Bid (same as ITB)
IGMP Initial Guaranteed Maximum Price
IPRA Inspection of Public Records Act
IT Information Technology
ITB Invitation to Bid (same as IFB)
JOC Job Order Contracting
JPA Joint Powers Agreement
LCCA Life Cycle Cost Analysis
LGOB Local General Obligation Bond
MACC Maximum Allowable Construction Cost
MCR Modification Change Request
MD Maintenance Direct (in FIMS)
MEM Membership (meaning student enrollment)
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NMAC New Mexico Administrative Code
NMCI New Mexico Condition Index
NMED New Mexico Environment Department
NMSA New Mexico Statutes—Annotated
O&M Operations & Maintenance
PAC Performance Assurance Contractor
PEC Public Education Commission
PED Public Education Department
PM Preventive Maintenance
PMD Preventive Maintenance Direct (in FIMS)
PMP Preventative Maintenance Plan
PO Purchase Order
POE Post Occupancy Evaluation
PPD Preliminary Project Description
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPWS Project Participation Worksheet
PSCOC Public School Capital Outlay Council
PSCOOTF Public School Capital Outlay Oversight Taskforce
PSFA Public School Facilities Authority
PTR Pupil Teacher Ratio
RASC Request for Approval of School Construction
RC Roof Consultant
RFI Request for Interpretation
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
RM PSFA Regional Manager
SB enate Bill
SFMO State Fire Marshal's Office
SI Supplemental Instructions--shorthand for ASI
SOV Schedule of Values
SPA Statewide Price Agreements
UD Utility Direct (in FIMS)
wNMCI Weighted New Mexico Facility Condition Index