About Human Resources:


Q. How can I apply for PSFA positions?

A. Email your resume and requested position to hr@nmpsfa.org. If you meet the criteria for the open position the PSFA HR Manager will respond with further instructions. If a position is not open or you do not meet the criteria, your resume will be held on file for six months.

Q. How can I verify employment for a previous or current PSFA employee?

A. After obtaining a signed release please contact the HR Manager at 505-843-6272 or hr@nmpsfa.org

Employee Resources

Q. How can I find out my copay or out of pocket expense for a specific service?

A. Contact the insurance carrier by phone or by accessing a web portal. The benefit carrier information is listed under Employee Benefit Contacts.

Q. Can I split my paycheck between multiple accounts, such as a savings and a checking account?

A. No, this is no longer an option for state employees. The central payroll office provides direct deposit to one account only.

Q. How do I know how much I have contributed to PERA or how many service years I have accumulated?

A. Login or create an account with RIO Self Service offered by the Public Employees Retirement Association. Go to the PERA website and click on Rio Self Service. www.nmpera.org

More Information?

Q. Who can I contact for more information?

A. Contact the PSFA HR Manager at 505-843-6272 or hr@nmpsfa.org