About PSFA Training Offerings and FAQ's


Q. What is e-Builder?

A. e-Builder is a web-based Construction Information Management System (CIMS) that automates and integrates complex processes allowing users to manage projects, programs, resources and assets across the lifecycle of construction and remodel projects. It also integrates the flow of information and communication between project team members allowing collaboration and visibility into the same documents and information. This results in saving time, reducing the potential for error, and accelerating project milestones.

Q. How can I get access to e-Builder?

A. Contact your PSFA Regional Manager regarding acquiring a login and password for the e-Builder system.

Q. What is the address to login to the e-Builder web site?

A. To access the e-Builder login page go to www.e-builder.net and click on the Client Login link in the upper right corner of the page. It is a best practice to save the login page as a Favorite or Bookmark in your web browser.

Q. How do I get help with e-Builder?

A: Help is available in many ways:

    • Contact the PSFA Training Group by phone (505-468-0293) or by email (training@nmpsfa.org),
    • Access the e-Builder User Guide on the PSFA website, or
    • Access the e-Builder Online User Assistance guide by clicking on Help in the e-Builder system.

More Information?

Q. Who can I contact for more information on e-Builder, the PSCOC Online Application, or Facility Assessment Database?

A. PSFA Training Group, Phone: 505-468-0293 or by email: training@nmpsfa.org